The Friends of Children of Serbia Association is a voluntary and non-profit organization of civil society. We were founded in 1990 in order to achieve the goals in the field of children's rights, social care for children and encouraging activities to improve work with and for children.

Friends of Children of Serbia continued the tradition of the organization Society for Support and Education of Orphans and Abandoned Children , founded in 1880, which makes us one of the oldest organizations for children in Serbia and in Europe.

With enthusiasm and zeal, it still gathers those who care about children, their upbringing and development, creative spending of free time, protection and rights. The general mission and goal of PDS is to contribute to the promotion and realization of children's rights and create conditions for a safe, creative and happy childhood, to respect the child's position in society and their full participation in decisions concerning them, for free and harmonious development of all children. traditions and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in the field of education, culture, social protection, health, etc.

Friends of Children throughout Serbia organizes activities for children and children's activities (educational, cultural, creative, playful, recreational, humanitarian ...).


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