Neven Literary Award

Founded in 1955 , the Neven Award encourages creativity for children, affirms authors and the most successful achievements for children in the past year. It is the oldest and most significant award in the field of creativity for children in Serbia, and the Friends of Children of Serbia is an award for three categories: fiction, book illustration - picture books and popular science.

The first winners of the Neven Award are Branko Ćopić and Duško Radović.

The award consists of a charter, whose author is Dušan Petričić - the winner of the Neven award, and a monetary amount. The charter is handwritten and contains a pressed marigold flower. It is awarded every year for editions printed in the previous year, in October during Children's Week.

The organization Friends of Children of Serbia announces the competition in one of the daily newspapers. The Governing Board of the Organization shall form juries. The members of the jury are prominent writers and illustrators, as well as professors of the Faculty of Children's Literature and professors who deal with science.

In October, during the Children's Week, in the Ceremonial Hall of the City Assembly, a solemn award ceremony will be organized for the winners.

All books submitted to the competition are donated to child care institutions.

The award is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information.




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