Friends of Children of Serbia has been awarding the Good Toy Award since 1986 during Children’s Week .

The Good Toy award promotes quality toys, creatively designed children’s play, and has a humanitarian character, because all the toys that participate in the competition are donated to child care institutions.

An expert jury selects the best toys and manufacturers or importers and rewards them with a luxury charter and the opportunity to use a sticker with a snail sign with handles next year.

The author of the sign and the charter is graphic designer Borut Wild.

Winners of the Good Toy award

Nursery age – IRONING BOARD, manufacturer: OZ, Belgrade
Preschool age – SECRET “G”, manufacturer: Institute for textbooks and teaching aids, Belgrade
Younger school age – POSTER PUZZLE, manufacturer: OZ, Belgrade

– No award . The jury for the award made an appeal entitled: Let’s return the toys to the children .

Nursery age – Construction material CHUNKU BLOCKS , manufacturer: Pertini, New Belgrade
Preschool age – WONDERFUL LETTERS – WONDERFUL NUMBERS, manufacturer: Galam, Belgrade
Up to four years allows the inclusion of all ages – BEZVEZBAL, manufacturer: Kreativni centar, Belgrade

Nursery age – WOODEN PUZZLE “WOODEN MAŠTOVNIK”, manufacturer: SZR Slonče, Belgrade
Preschool age – EDUCATIONAL PUZZLE, manufacturer: ODU, Belgrade
Elementary school age – SKREBL, educational and fun board game, manufacturer: company ” Pokretne stoze – Jasra “

. Soft toy system GNJOF, author: Veselinka Zastavniković, manufacturer: Studio for making toys Gnjof
Preschool age – SYSTEM OF TOYS AND CONSTRUCTIVE MATERIAL, manufacturer: “Rubin M”, Novi Sad

The award is given for the game system “MAG”

Nursery age – HOUSE CONSTRUCTOR, manufacturer: ODU, Belgrade
Preschool age – PLATE CONSTRUCTOR, manufacturer: Pertini, Belgrade
Younger school and preschool age – RING SYSTEM, manufacturer: Department of Household Economics of Serbia, Belgrade

For all ages – Toy system “B ADA”, manufacturer: Bada, Belgrade

Preschool and younger school age: ALFA, BETA and GAMA, series of board games, producer: PIKOM, Pirot

Preschool age: Didactic material MY STEPS, producer: “BRANEKS SOVEKS”, Belgrade

Preschool age toy JOURNEY THROUGH KNOWLEDGE, producer: Enco book, Belgrade
Younger school age MATHEMATICAL SUPER PUZZLE, producer: Didakta, Belgrade

Preschool and early school age: KOCKA U KOCKI, manufacturer: FIJOMI, Belgrade
School age: PTICE, manufacturer ZOMEX from Belgrade

Younger school age: Board game MONASTERY TRAILS – game to knowledge, manufacturer: PERTINI, Belgrade
Preschool age: CONSTRUCTOR SAOBRA , manufacturer: PERTINI, Belgrade

Preschool age: Wooden toy TRUCK AND SHIP, manufacturer: DS Wood art, Belgrade
For preschool and early school age: Didactic toy BETA 4, GAMA 6 and 7, manufacturer: PIKOM, Novi Sad

Toy MOTORIKA ČAROLIJA, manufacturer: FIJOMI, Belgrade
Constructor: KULA PRSTENOVA and Bomi Shapes, manufacturer: DS Wood Art, Belgrade

Set of wooden constructors – 100 parts – hundreds, manufacturer: Fijomi, Belgrade
Board game “Guardians of Wisdom”, manufacturer: Magaza d.o.o, Belgrade

Educational set DAROVI SUNCA, Magaza d.o.o, Belgrade
Puzzle LOGOLO 3+ , producer Novak M.Sikimić, Gajdobra

Educational game “Our senses”, producer Pertini toys, Belgrade
Puzzle ALFA 7, producer: Pikom, Novi Sad

Didactic board games: Quiz Europe, Peek through and Logic masks, producer: AIDT PIKOM, Novi Sad
Didactic board game: Meet the shape, size and color, manufacturer: ZOMEX, Belgrade

Didactic toys: “SCREWS AND NUTS” and “BALANCE MONTH”, manufacturer: Kockica, Subotica
Didactic board game: “WRITE, DRAW, OBSERVE, LAY – SET”, manufacturer: ZOMEX, Belgrade
Crib set: “MY SOFT WORLD – CLEMMY”, toy importer: Magazine, Belgrade

Didactic toy: It’s okay, manufacturer: School for parents, Belgrade
Toy: Reci pa steci, manufacturer: Center for the Advancement of Life Activities, Belgrade
Toy-didactic material: Squirrel on a tree, manufacturer: Kockica, Subotica

Toys “String – fruit with a box” and “Game with numbers”, manufacturer: Kockica, Subotica
Toy: Traces – a game about art and travel, manufacturer: “ODDO”, Belgrade

Toy: Tactile rollers, manufacturer: Kockica, Subotica
Toys: “Constructor set BAMBOO” and “Motor-tactile board in a suitcase”, manufacturer: “Pertini toys”, Belgrade

Toy “Labyrinth for legs”, manufacturer: Kockica, Subotica

Toy: “MARTINA ZAGONETNA KUTIJA”, manufacturer : “Jamax M”, Čačak

Toy: “ROTOBIL”, manufacturer: Kockica, Subotica

Toy: “DUM DUM DUM”, manufacturer: “Jamax M”, Čačak
Toy: “POZORIŠTANCE”, manufacturer “Treemamas”
Toy: “CREATIVE MATHEMATICS”, producer “Lenador Studios”

Toy: “REVOLUTION KEY”, producer: “Lush Life doo REVOLUCYA, Igra si ti”
Toy: “ANDRAMOLJE”, producer: “Center for the development of participatory education”