About Friends of Children of Serbia

Association Friends of Children of Serbia was founded in 1990 to achieve goals in the field of children’s rights, social care for children and encouraging activities to improve work with and for children. Friends of Children of Serbia continued the tradition of the Society for Support and Education of Orphans and Abandoned Children, founded in 1880, which makes us one of the oldest organizations for children in Serbia and in Europe. With enthusiasm and devotion we still bring together those who care about children, their upbringing and development, creative spending of free time, protection and rights.

The general mission and goal of FCS is to contribute to the promotion and fulfillment of children’s rights and create conditions for a safe and happy childhood, respect for the child’s position in society, for free and harmonious development of all children in the spirit of our tradition and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Organizes activities for, and with children: creative, playful, technical, recreational, humanitarian …

FCS is an association of municipal organizations that exist throughout Serbia and work directly with children wherever they live: in schools, preschools, settlements, local communities, in the municipalities. It is based on a voluntary basis participation of parents, teachers, pedagogy and psychology experts, eminent scientists, artists, public figures …

The Friends of Children of Serbia is the initiator and organizer of numerous activities and projects in the field of protection of children’s rights, social care for children and encouragement of activities to improve work with children and for children, such as:

recognition GOOD TOY and „Maslačak“ – DANDELION,
Competition for the best children’s cartoon Little Pierre.

FCS is also the author of the CODE OF CHILDREN AND THE MEDIA (1993), renewed in 2019 in the form of the publication Children and the Media – Rulebook against Child Abuse for Media Purposes and the CODE ON PROTECTION OF CHILDREN FROM POLITICAL ABUSE.

Friends of Children of Serbia, as part of the modern societal system of child care, will continue to help and contribute to all stakeholders throughout the decision-making process, with a goal to recognize children as active participants in exercising their rights and to encourage a more active approach and better conditions for further improvement of the child’s position in society. In this way we hope to enable the best possible quality of living for children.

FCS is a member of NAPOR – National association of youth workers and the Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia – MODS.

Friends of the Children of Serbia

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E-mail address: pds@eunet.rs