Association Friends of Children of Serbia is a voluntary and non-profit organization of civil society. We were founded in 1990 in order to achieve goals in the area of ​​protection and promotion of children’s rights, social care for children and encouraging activities to improve work with children and for children.

Friends of the Children of Serbia continued the tradition of the organization Society for the Support and Education of Orphaned and Abandoned Children, founded in 1880, which makes us one of the oldest organizations for children in Serbia and Europe.

Friends of Children of Serbia is an association of organizations of Friends of Children throughout Serbia, and we are distinguished by our direct work with children and young people in all phases of our activities and programs: from planning to evaluation and monitoring. At the national and local level, we organize activities for children and youth and with children and youth (educational, cultural, creative, play, recreational, humanitarian…).

Our vision:
Every child in society has equally good conditions for growth and development, quality education, health and social protection, is carefree and protected, lives in a family or family-like environment, an inclusive society and a healthy environment.

Our mission:
Promotion and realization of children’s rights and improvement of the position of children and young people in Serbia, both through direct work with children and young people and through influencing public policies concerning children and young people.

Our goals are:

 ·      Creating conditions for a safe and happy childhood in which all children will be able to develop all their potentials;

·      Improving social care for children and youth through advocacy processes with decision-makers and all actors of importance in the field of human rights;

·      Improving the realization and promotion of the rights of children and young people, as defined by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in all areas that concern them (education, culture, science, sports, health, social protection, and etc.);

·      Supporting the full participation of children and young people in the areas that concern them and advocating for respect for their views and opinions at all levels and instances;

 ·      Encouraging and expanding freedom of expression, creation, creativity, culture of peace and tolerance, dialogue, agreements and non-violent conflict resolution and development of multiculturalism, inter-ethnic harmony, equality of all minority and marginalized groups of children and youth.